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Fotografía: Francois Canard 2012

I render Amazonian animals: serpents and jaguars, with incisions of knives and machetes on tick layers of wet paint. I developed this technique watching some styles of the precolumbian art of my native Perú, specially the black ceramics decorated with incisions and the stone reliefs from the primitive Chavín society.


Incision, together with carving and scraping were the first technologies of the visual arts. Monochromous scratchings outlining animals and hunters appeared on cave walls before the colored cave paintings. Some Chavín reliefs were intended to be visualized by the sense of touch, they were placed on underground pitch black chambers.


Why when we see an incised relief do we also want to touch it? Maybe to reciprocally connect our senses of sight and touch, just as predators do when making their way in the dark.