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"Indicios" (detalle) 1993. Fotocopias de imagen del resto carbonizado en la Revista Sí, triplex, plástico, grapas. Exhibición "Pinturas y Objetos". Galería ICPNA. Foto: autor.

La Cantuta case have had been the subject of my artwork before Gloria Evaporada, on my first solo exhibition Pinturas y Objetos (1993). This case was one of the first known of selective murder perpetrated by an undercover army death squad in Lima. Previous cases have had been happening exclusively on the Andes, part of the country which inhabitants are still seen depreciatively from Lima´s mainstream culture, their lives being considered of lesser value. This new turn on Fujimori´s repressive strategy was referred as “chilenización”.


The Cantuta case was also particular in another aspect: was prolifically surrounded by press images during its development. The first of these images: the piece of charred human remain delivered in an anonymous envelop to Revista Sí, together with a hand sketched map of the location of an undercover grave in Lima´s outskirts. The next image: a key found on the grave. I used both images in Pinturas y Objetos.