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"Gafas y Sombrero de Payaso" ("Spectacles and Clown Hat")_2nd sighting_2016_2_1

Contact Shits, fotodiario colombiano records the everyday events happening in a minuscule section of Bogotá: the perimeter around a tree on the median strip of avenida Caracas, between calles 16 and 17. This strip marks the border between the oldest two boroughs of the city´s traditional center: Mártires and Santa Fé. I explained the historical relevance of this metropolitan area in my presentation of "El Bronx Art Gallery" .

Bridges, and highways are commonly inhabited by homeless people, because those are some of the few places they are allowed to. Euphemistically refered by the system as "habitantes de la calle", most of them are nomadic, being seen periodically roaming in same places. Some cover larger territories; pulling their family, pets and belongings in carts, like gipsys.

I see many next to that tree stretching out every morning because police and private security of local industry supply businesses kicked them out at dawn from nearby streets. They do their daily activities under the imperturbable gazes of thousands bus commuters: selection of garbage to be sold to recycling centers, socializing, recreation, drug consumption, sex, hygiene and excretions.

When I notice a recurrent gatherer I name him/her by some physical or behavorial highlight, like "gafas y sombrero de payaso", "viejo con pié roto", “dardos”, "amantes" and others. I do so in order to keep track of an outcast population that is under permanenet siege, periodically subject to social cleansing raids performed by killing squads. Out of their circles few notice when one of them disappears because their identities seldom exist in official records.

This brief selection of Contact Shits, fotodiario colombiano is a preview of the series (check my previous series about homeless in Bogotá, "La Vida es Sagrada" ).